Our Products

ARHEMU SA makes a wide variety of specialty Gel products for itТs many customers worldwide. Please contact us for pricing and availability at info@coolrestgel.comor fill out the.

CoolRest Gel for Beds
Demensions: 63cm wide by any desired length. Standard mattress gels are 4.5 cm in height.  The cells are 30 mm by 30 mm and the cell walls are 3 mm thick.

CoolRest Gel for beds is by far our most in demand product. Bed gels come with scrim/fabric attached on one side for easy glue in installation that can be seen and explained on our.

CoolRest Gel makes the highest quality beds with the greatest customer satisfaction feedback. CoolRest Gel is the most efficient pressure reducing and spinal aligning technology available узнайте кака€ страна —ингапур и где она находитс€.

It is temperature neutral, odor resistant, anti bacterial, impermeable, long lasting, and highly customizable. It is by far the greatest comfort layer today! If you are looking for something new and better in the bedding industry then look no further. CoolRest Gel is the product that can give you the edge in your market.

CoolRest Gel for Pillows
Dimensions: 61cm by 71cm by 1.9cm.

Like our CoolRest Gel for beds our pillows come with a thin scrim attached to one side for easy installation. CoolRest Gel for pillows is extremely soft and cool to the touch (temperature neutral) making sleep with a CoolRest Gel Pillow the most restful sleep you can enjoy. It is highly customizable to fit over any contour shape as desired.

CoolRest Gel for Seat Cushions

CoolRest Gel for seat cushions provides the user with the most comfortable seating experience in a lifetime. Our simple seat cushions are very popular with people who sit for long periods of time.

From truck drivers to office staffers or just a long flight, CoolRest Gel for Seat Cushions gives comfort to the УendФ user and makes any trip or chair a comfortable one.

Like most of our products our seat cushions are highly customizable. They can be used and have been for advanced bike seats, sofa cushions, office furniture, and anywhere else you may find yourself sitting.

Therapeutic Medical Gel Products Ц MedGel Beds/Seat Cushions
Dimensions: Standard Bed - 90cm wide by 203cm long by 15cm high. Standard Seat Cushion Ц 50cm wide by 50cm long by 9cm high. Highly customizable to suit your needs.

Our medically proven beds and seat cushions have a wide range of customizability. No other product in the medical field performs as well as our MedGel line or last as long with little to no maintenance.

Our MedGel will prevent and treat up to stage IV pressure ulcers. MedGel by ARHEMU SA combines all the comfort of our CoolRest Gel and adds additional deep cores to give MedGel the therapeutic healing needed for hospitals and long term conditions.