We recommend that you use a foam "cradle" around your CoolRest Gel as seen in the image to the left. This will add to the structure and shape retention to the mattress while cutting back on the cost of your premier gel bed.
CoolRest Gel for beds comes with one side of scrim/fabric for easy glue in installation. We include several inches of extra scrim to fasten the gel firmly to the mattress что такое Тамань.
Do not use hot glues to attach CoolRest Gel to bed. We recommend room temperature water-based glues.
We recommend that the premium CoolRest Gel be used for the sleeping portion of the bed. Here we include several gel insert measurements for standard size beds and the perimeter cradle measurements.
Lastly we recommend to all of our clients that they use a very low profile mattress cover or quilting so that the end user can have as much direct contact to the CoolRest Gel as possible to insure an amazingly refreshing sleep.