Welcome To CoolRest Gel

CoolRest Gel is a highly elastic polymer material formed into square cells and is used as the comfort and pressure reducing layer in mattresses, toppers, pillows and other cushioning products. The interconnected cells gently collapse under the weight of the body, providing incredible pressure relief and comfort, especially in the critical areas around the hips and shoulders.

CoolRest Gel provides pressure relief in the boney areas while providing broad spinal support, as well as support for the back and legs. CoolRest Gel is the best excursion and pressure-reducing product ever created for a mattress.

CoolRest Gel is cool to the touch (temperature neutral), has no odor, does not absorb odors, is waterproof, never takes a permanent set as foam does, is hypo-allergenic, is non-latex, and is extremely durable (Rollator tests simulating 40 years of use show less than 1% deformation of the gel). CoolRest Gel is simple to install, easily stored, does not discolor, and is extremely customizable (sizes, colors, scents).