Shipments are typically sent in 20ft or 40ft containers. We can ship roughly 675 parts of mixed king and queen-sized gels in a 40ft. container and roughly half of that in a standard 20ft container.

Smaller orders can be accommodated. A pallet of Gel contains roughly 16 gel parts (king and queen sizes) and weighs around 300 kilos.

More CoolRest Gel highlights: Many products can offer comfort but they sacrifice support and vise-versa. CoolRest Gel actually combines both to satisfy comfort and provide the support necessary for a healthy nights rest. This is done by using the highest quality polymers and medical grade materials to form a honeycomb like Gel mesh that gives comfort and pressure reduction to the boney parts of the body that typically cause unrest while providing support for healthy spinal alignment.

Unlike foam and traditional comfort layers, CoolRest Gel is a temperature neutral material. You will not be overheated and be interrupted by discomforting heat buildup and accumulation. Foam often becomes brittle with continued use and forms impressions. CoolRest Gel is extremely durable and rollator tests simulating 40 years of use show less than 1% deformation of the gel. Many traditional mattresses including foam will absorb odors and liquids as well causing discomfort and bacteria buildup. CoolRest Gel is impermeable to both liquids and odors.

The bottom line is…there is nothing better for the comfort layer of the mattress than CoolRest Gel by ARHEMU SA. We pride ourselves on our production and quality control. All CoolRest Gel parts come with the ARHEMU SA 20 year guarantee. The Gel will outlive the mattress no questions asked. ARHEMU SA provides it’s customers with the ability to respond to the millions of consumers asking for new improved bedding technology with quick service and on-time deliveries at the most competitive prices. Contact us today to get your quote. Anytime anywhere ARHEMU SA will deliver. We look forward to helping you.