How To Sleep In A Semi Truck

One of the biggest challenges of long-distance truck driving is how to schedule your rest. It can be very easy to fall asleep while driving, and when you're paid by mileage, sleep can become a secondary priority. Some drivers have started teaming with their spouse or another driver in order to maximize miles while still getting some rest. Sleeping in a moving semi-truck is challenging, but there are options to make it easier.

Add extra padding to your bed. There is a lot of road vibration, and the constant weight shifting can make it difficult to sleep and cause health problems over time. Adding extra padding can make it easier to sleep and protect your neck and shoulders from impact trauma Ленинские Горки.

Drive with people you trust. Driving with someone you are not familiar with is more likely to keep you on edge and prevent you from getting proper rest. Your partner should respect the fact that you are sleeping by keeping the radio at a low level and driving slowly over speed bumps and rough terrain.

Wear a sleep mask. Sleeping during the day or facing the glare of consistent headlights can prevent you from getting proper rest. A sleep mask will cut out the uninvited light and make it easier to sleep in bright conditions.

Use earplugs. The road and engine noise can be very disruptive, especially when combined with the radio or a backup beeper. Earplugs or a set of white-noise headphones can eliminate that distraction.

By: Daryn Duff