The Last "Parks & Recreation" Scotch Sighting

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

This is actually the 8th scotch sighting from "Parks & Recreation". The scene takes place near the beginning of season 7 episode 2. It makes sense that 6 of the previous sightings have featured Lagavulin because it is Ron Swanson's favourite scotch. What doesn't make sense is that they chose the fake Glen Knolls 21 for this scene. Especially when you can see about 863 actual brands of spirits in the background.

There was also a North Port appearance way back in season 2. All of these posts from the old site will be reposted asap. We appreciate your patience. We value your business. Your call is important to us.

Big shout out to Ben Hawkinson for tipping us off to this sighting via email.