Harrison Ford Sings the Praises of Bruichladdich

Harrison Ford insisted, while making Morning Glory, a film about a heavy-drinking television news anchorman, on having a bottle of Bruichladdich's finest on his desk in the newsroom scenes.

"He has a line in which he points to the bottle and says 'I only drink it on special occasions,'" says my man with the clapperboard. "It's not product placement, but Harrison wanted it in because he knows his malts." The producers emailed Mark Reynier, the boss of Bruichladdich, to ask if he could furnish them with some bottles as props – plus a vintage one for Ford's own use, and one of a "more modest age" for Roger Michel, the film's director, "so he doesn't feel left out".

Reynier dispatched bottles of his prized Octomore which could not have been more provocative as far as Ardbeg, their French-owned rivals, were concerned. The two distilleries are involved in a battle to produce the whisky with the highest amount of peat (which is measured in parts per millions). Reynier is claiming an easy lead over Ardbeg with an Octomore with a daunting ppm of 140.

Ford sent Reynier a signed photo on which he had written "For the laddies at Bruichladdich, I like your work." No doubt Reggie Bosanquet, the late, great and frequently inebriated ITN newcaster, would have approved.