Glencallan Spotted in an Episode of "Burn Notice"

Ya know what would be amazing? Sitting down and enjoying a glass of 30 year old Glencallan to celebrate a job well done. Know what would be even better?  If 30 year old Glencallan actually EXISTED!!!

That's right, folks. We've found another fake. After reading the label I got pretty excited thinking that this was some rare or discontinued brand. Then I decided to do a little digging and it turns out that Glencallan is the the creation of a Hollywood prop company known as "Independent Studio Services" which specializes in these kinds of phony baloney products. The two very convincing Glencallan labels can be seen on the ISS website.

The sighting takes place at the 39:49 mark in the 12th episode from season 3 of "Burn Notice" entitled "Noble Causes".