Death By Scotch: Fake Macallan Used as Poison in an Episode of 'Motive'

So this exists. Apparently, there was a Canadian police procedural drama called Motive which aired for four seasons on CTV. The show managed to fly under my radar even though I'm as Canadian as poutine smothered in Crown Royal. The series premiere had a huge audience at the time, making it the number one Canadian series premiere of the 2012–13 season.

The scene above takes place 20 minutes into season 2 episode 1 entitled Pitfall. A dude who kinda sorta looks somewhat similar to Daniel Craig pours a fatal amount of opioids into a bottle which kinda sorta looks somewhat similar to Macallan. Actually it is clearly a bottle of Macallan which has been re-labeled. For reference, here is a clip of the real Daniel Craig taking real drugs with real Macallan.