Brief Scotch Sightings in No Time to Die

If you were hoping for more interesting scotch appearances in the latest James Bond thriller No Time to Die then we are sorry to disappoint. The latest instalment in the 007 franchise has two brief sightings but neither of them seem to feature a recognizable brand. The first scene takes place at the 37:45 mark when Mr. Bond (Daniel Craig) orders a scotch in a Jamaican nightclub while discussing a mission with his US counterpart Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright). He also opens a bottle of what appears to be Johnnie Walker Black Label back at his home. Unfortunately, one of our viewers with a very keen eye claims that this is most likely a bottle of Flor De Cana Rum.

The second bottle appears at 1:06:30 during a heated exchange between Bond and M (Ralph Feinnes) in M's office. The bottle is nearly impossible to read clearly so please let us know if you can identify this one. 99.99% certain this one is another fake for the "Mystery Malt" category

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