Glenlivet 12 in Yellowstone

It is hard to believe that it has taken 4 seasons for us to finally get an honest-to-goodness "Yellowstone" scotch sighting. This one takes place roughly 3 minutes into episode 5 entitled "Under a Blanket of Red". Here we find John Dutton (Kevin Costner) sharing a bottle of Glenlivet 12 Double Oak with his daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly) before he hits they hay. #Yellowstone #KevinCostner #KellyReilly #Paramount #Glenlivet #Scotch #Whisky #Whiskey

Glencallan in A.P. Bio

Here's a mystery malt sighting that was almost too quick to catch. At the 5:34 mark in the series premiere of "A.P. Bio" we can see Jack (Glenn Howerton) sipping a glass of everyone's fake scotch. Thanks to the eagle-eyed viewers who keep these brief sightings coming our way. #Whisky #Whiskey #Scotch #APBio #Peacock #PattonOswalt #GlennHowerton

Black & White Scotch in Dr. No

Here's the fourth and final Black & White scotch sighting...for a while...promise! There have been so many scotch sightings in James Bond movies throughout the decades that perhaps a James Bond Month is warranted. This appearance takes place at exactly the 33 minute mark in the 1962 film "Dr. No". #Scotch #Whisky #Whiskey #JamesBond #SeanConnery #JackLord #BlackandWhite #DrNo

Here's 100 Vintage Christmas Scotch Ads

Finally! It's that time of year again when we present with you with a seemingly endless barrage of retro scotch adverts which absolutely nobody asked for. Click on a photo to enlarge. #Scotch #Whisky #Whiskey #JohnnieWalker #Grants #Glenlivet #Ballentines #Glenfiddich #Dewars

Black & White in The Crown

Here's the first (and possibly only) brand of scotch to ever have appeared in the wonderful Netflix series The Crown. This delicious blend is not only known to have been a favourite of royalty such as Prince Philip (played by Matt Smith), but was also enjoyed by none other than Dean Martin, Frasier Crane, and James Bond himself in Dr. No! The bottle shows up near the end of the 3rd episode of season 3 entitled "Fairytale". #Scotch #whisky #Whiskey #Blends #Netflix #TheCrown #

Red Label in The Many Saints of Newark

Check out these cool vintage Johnnie Walker Red Label boxes from the 1:49 mark in The Soprano's prequel film The Many Saints of Newark. Near the end of the film, everyones favourite consigliere Silvio Dante (John Magaro) gifts one of the boxes to Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandra Nivola) for Christmas. More Soprano's Christmas scotch sightings coming soon! #Sopranos #ManySaintsofNewark #JohnnieWalker #RedLabel #Whisky #Whiskey #Scotch #JamesGandolfini #MichaelGandolfini #HBOMax #

Lasso Christmas I Gave You Balvenie

Watch closely or you might miss the brief Balvenie sighting during the Christmas episode of the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso. This was an excellent scene from the beginning of episode 4 season 2 entitled "Carol of the Bells". There is definitely a Highland Park bottle visible at the opening of the episode as well. What other brands were you able to spot? #Scotch #Whisky #whiskey #TedLasso #AppleTV #JasonSudekis #HannahWaddingham #ChloeTemple #Balvenie #TheBalvenie #HighlandPark

The Power of Chivas Compels You!!

Here's two scotch sightings you likely didn't see coming. The Chivas bottle appears 45 minutes into The Exorcist and there is another indistinct bottle at the 1:23 mark. Father Karras looks like he REALLY needs a drink in that first clip. #Whiskey #whisky #Scotch #Chivas #TheExorcist #Exorcist #EllenBurstyn #MaxVonSydow #LindaBlair #JasonMiller #ChivasRegal

Brief Scotch Sightings in No Time to Die

If you were hoping for more interesting scotch appearances in the latest James Bond thriller No Time to Die then we are sorry to disappoint. The latest instalment in the 007 franchise has two brief sightings but neither of them seem to feature a recognizable brand. The first scene takes place at the 37:45 mark when Mr. Bond (Daniel Craig) orders a scotch in a Jamaican nightclub while discussing a mission with his US counterpart Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright). He also opens a b

Black Label in Ted Lasso's Minibar

Here's the first of several scotch sightings from the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso. At the 14:20 mark in season 1 episode 7 entitled "Make Rebecca Great Again", Ted is downing some Johnnie Black after a particularly bad day. #JasonSudekis #TedLasso #AppleTV #BrettGoldstein #HannahWaddingham #JunoTemple #PhilDunster #Scotch #Whisky #Whiskey #JohnnieWalker #BlackLabel

Glenfarclas in Wrath of Man

We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! Here's the latest scotch sighting and it is a doozy. There are actually two Glenfarclas appearances in Guy Ritchie's 2021 action thriller Wrath of Man. Some creative editing was necessary in order to avoid any spoilers. These scenes are from the 1:01 and 1:48 marks in the film. Thanks for hanging in there and for keeping the tips and clips coming. It has been a very rough year but things are looking up for everyone except

Dimple in Breaking Bad (Part 1)

I was floored when I spotted the bottle of Dimple in the premiere episode of season 5 entitled "Live Free or Die". At the beginning of the episode, Walter White (aka Heisenberg, aka The Danger, aka The One Who Knocks) simply wants to enjoy a dram of Dimple and unwind after a very long day. He gets interrupted several times by some loose ends which need tying up. This was another white-knuckle episode which is not to be missed. #amc #BreakingBad #BryanCranston #AaronPaul #Bob

Mad Men Mania 9: The Final Scotch Sighting

I wish I could say this sighting was was particularly interesting. I wish I could say this scene featured a very rare or sought after brand of scotch. I wish I could tell you Andy fought the good fight and the sisters let him be. Alas, the final scotch sighting from AMC's Mad Men is pretty uneventful. I actually had to edit two scenes together (out of chronological order) in order for you to be able to see the actual bottle. Around 18 minutes into episode 12 of season 7, J

Mad Men Mania 8: J&B

Here's a short scene from season 7 episode 9 of AMC's Mad Men which features Don's ex-wife Megan (Jessica Pare) sipping some J&B. #ChristinaHendricks #VincentKartheiser #MadMen #Scotch #Whisky #whiskey #Chivas #Glenlivet #AMC #JohnHamm #ElisabethMoss #JanuaryJones #JaredHarris #JessicaPare

Mad Men Mania 7: The 2nd Cutty Sark Sighting

Cutty 12 to be precise. One thing that consistently impresses me about AMC's Mad Men is the attention to detail. Everything from fashion to slang to cigarettes and especially alcohol is historically accurate. In this scene from season 7 episode 2, Peter Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) drinks from a vintage bottle of Cutty 12. I'm not sure exactly when they changed the label from simply "Cutty 12" to "Cutty Sark 12 year" but I'm pretty sure it was around the late 70s or early 80

Mad Men Mania 6: The 2nd Chivas Sighting

Technically, there were two sightings in this episode, but one was so brief it barely counts. About 2 minutes into the 6th episode of season 6 entitled "For Immediate Release" Peter Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) pours some Chivas for himself and Joan (Christina Hendricks). I've included the clip below even though the bottle wasn't really visible. A much clearer Chivas sighting took place at around the 16 minute mark when Peter pours from the same bottle. This is the 6th Mad M

Mad Men Mania 2: Glenlivet & Chivas

The above clip is from the finale of season two. The episode is entitled "Meditations In An Emergency". #MadMen #Scotch #Whisky #whiskey #Chivas #Glenlivet #AMC #JohnHamm #ElisabethMoss

Mad Men Mania 1: The Balvenie

There have been several different brands of scotch throughout the 6 seasons of AMC's Mad Men. We've seen Glenlivet, Johnny Walker, Chivas, and even Cutty Sark, but this is the first official appearance of Balvenie. The insanely delicious Speyside single malt known as The Balvenie is a personal favorite of mine (I'm actually enjoying a dram of the Double Wood as I type) so the fact that I overlooked this sighting is unforgivable. Especially since it appeared in the first 5 m

Tom Cruise Drinks 150 Year Old Scotch In Rock of Ages

What can I really say about this film? I mean, it is what it is. I'm sure some of y'all out there love these kinds of movies but, in my opinion, quality musicals are few and far between. The two things which make Rock of Ages worthwhile are the soundtrack and Tom Cruise's fantastic portrayal of 80's rock god Stacee Jaxx. I'm one of those dudes who believes Cruise can do no wrong. Probably because of his almost superhuman work ethic and balls-out commitment to a role. He singl

Tom Cruise Drinks 25 Year Old Scotch in Eyes Wide Shut

Though there isn't an actual brand identified in this scene it had to be posted because it involves two master Directors. Stanley Kubrick and Sydney Pollack both have amazing filmographies and it is great to see them collaborate in the same film. Kubrick passed away in 1999 and Pollack in 2008. Did I mention that Tom Cruise is in this scene too? This is actually our fourth post featuring Cruise. The scene takes place 2 hours and 5 minutes into the film.We spotted a Dalwhinni