Johnnie Walker in the Trial of the Chicago 7

Any Aaron Sorkin fans out there? If so, then this film is right up your alley. The Johnnie Walker shows up early on in the film at around the 9 minute mark. #Netflix #Chicago7 #JohnnieWalker #Scotch #Whisky #Whiskey #AaronSOrkin #EddieRedmayne #SachaBaronCohen #JeremyStrong #MarkRylance #JosephGordonLevitt #MichaelKeaton #JohnDoman #TheTrialoftheChicago7

NOT Macallan 30 in Space Force

Here's the brief GLENcallan 30 appearance from episode 2 of Space Force. Can anyone explain why a series would switch back and forth from featuring real to phoney brands? There were literally two actual single malts shown in the previous episode. Why go through the trouble of obtaining a fake? WE WANT ANSWERS!!! #Netflix #JohnMalkovich #SteveCarell #Whisky #Scotch #Whiskey #SpaceForce

Glenkinchie in Space Force!!!

Well we certainly didn't see this one coming. After over 9 years and more that 500 scotch sightings, there has finally been a Glenkinchie bottle on screen! This brief appearance takes place 31 minutes into the premiere episode of the new Netflix series Space Force starring Steve Carell. There is also a Balvenie bottle next to the Glenkinchie. One might assume that is what Carell and Malkovich are drinking at the end of the episode, but stay tuned for our next post and all wil

Sketchy Scotch Sighting in Extraction

This is our 100th mystery malt clip. Mystery malts (for the infrequent visitors) are those pesky fake whisky brands which pop up in various films and shows. This scene features a bottle with a nondescript black label which simply reads "SCOTCH". The clip takes place a little over an hour into the awesome new Netflix action flick Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth. Special shout out to my man David Harbour who had his own Mystery Malt sighting last year. #Netflix #ChrisHemswo

Balvenie Spotted in Ozark!

Finally! It has taken three seasons but we now have not one, but two scotch sightings from the sublimely phenomenal hit Netflix series Ozark. The first take place around the 18 minute mark in season 3 episode 8 entitled "BFF". The second clip (which features a bottle of Balvenie) takes place 15 minutes into the season finale. -------Mild Spoiler Alert------- #Balvenie #Netflix #Ozark #JasonBateman #Scotch #Whiskey #Whisky

Mystery Scotch in Dolemite Is My Name

Check this out you no business insecure born junkyard suckas! Here's a scene from the 2019 Netflix comedy Dolemite is My Name in which Rudy Ray Moore (played by soon-to-be Academy Award nominee Eddie Murphy) offers up some cash and a bottle of cheap scotch in exchange for some joke material. Been there. #Scotch #dolemite #EddieMurphy #Dolemiteismyname #Netflix

Hopper Orders Scotch in Stranger Things

Guys, I think the chief of police of Hawkins Indiana might have a problem. This is an all-too-brief scene from season 3 of Stranger Things. We had to include it because, come on. Lots more clips to come. Thank you for your patience. Your call is important to us. #StrangerThings #Netflix #Hopper #Scotch #Whisky

Glenlivet 18 Spotted in How It Ends

Here's the all-too-brief Glenlivet 18 sighting from the 2018 Netflix movie "How it Ends". The scene features Theo James and Forest Whitaker's awkward attempt at male bonding. Viewers with a keen eye will spot the Glenlivet at around the 5 minute mark in the film. #HowItEnds #ForestWhitaker #TheoJames #KatGraham #Netflix #Glenlivet #Scotch #Whiskey #Whisky

The Most Exciting Black Label Appearance of All Time!!!

OMG you guys ain't gonna believe your eyes when you see this one. If you are a fan of boredom then this will surely be your favourite scotch sighting of 2019. Make sure to watch this clip at bed time if you are experiencing insomnia. The Johnnie Walker Black Label appearance takes place at the 1:19 mark in the 2017 film entitled I mean Disobedience starring Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz. It literally features a dude slowly walking into a room and pouring a

Did You See The Macallan in Bird Box?

This might be the greatest/worst/greatest attempt at faking a scotch brand to ever appear on screen. We've seen a few fake Lagavulins and Johnnie Walkers over the years, but this sighting from the 52 minute mark in Bird Box is an excellent effort. Even the font is so accurate that it has us thinking this might actually be a Macallan 12. Let us know if you think this is the real deal or just another mystery malt. I'm speaking, of course, to the 6 people who haven't already wat

Mysterious Sighting in The Haunting of Hill House

Halloween is nearly upon us and if you haven't watched this show yet you have nobody to blame but yourself. Yes, this new Netflix series is every bit as terrifying as your annoying coworker says it is. Now hurry up and blast through all 10 episodes so you can avoid any spoilers and tell Brenda from marketing to shut up. The spoiler-free clip above takes place at the beginning episode 6 entitled "Two Storms". This episode is an outstanding directorial achievement which opens w