Mad Men Mania 9: The Final Scotch Sighting

I wish I could say this sighting was was particularly interesting. I wish I could say this scene featured a very rare or sought after brand of scotch. I wish I could tell you Andy fought the good fight and the sisters let him be. Alas, the final scotch sighting from AMC's Mad Men is pretty uneventful. I actually had to edit two scenes together (out of chronological order) in order for you to be able to see the actual bottle. Around 18 minutes into episode 12 of season 7, J

Mad Men Mania 8: J&B

Here's a short scene from season 7 episode 9 of AMC's Mad Men which features Don's ex-wife Megan (Jessica Pare) sipping some J&B. #ChristinaHendricks #VincentKartheiser #MadMen #Scotch #Whisky #whiskey #Chivas #Glenlivet #AMC #JohnHamm #ElisabethMoss #JanuaryJones #JaredHarris #JessicaPare

Mad Men Mania 7: The 2nd Cutty Sark Sighting

Cutty 12 to be precise. One thing that consistently impresses me about AMC's Mad Men is the attention to detail. Everything from fashion to slang to cigarettes and especially alcohol is historically accurate. In this scene from season 7 episode 2, Peter Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) drinks from a vintage bottle of Cutty 12. I'm not sure exactly when they changed the label from simply "Cutty 12" to "Cutty Sark 12 year" but I'm pretty sure it was around the late 70s or early 80

Mad Men Mania 6: The 2nd Chivas Sighting

Technically, there were two sightings in this episode, but one was so brief it barely counts. About 2 minutes into the 6th episode of season 6 entitled "For Immediate Release" Peter Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) pours some Chivas for himself and Joan (Christina Hendricks). I've included the clip below even though the bottle wasn't really visible. A much clearer Chivas sighting took place at around the 16 minute mark when Peter pours from the same bottle. This is the 6th Mad M

Mad Men Mania 2: Glenlivet & Chivas

The above clip is from the finale of season two. The episode is entitled "Meditations In An Emergency". #MadMen #Scotch #Whisky #whiskey #Chivas #Glenlivet #AMC #JohnHamm #ElisabethMoss

Vintage Glenlivet in The Irishman

If you haven't seen Martin Scorsese's The Irishman yet then honestly I can't help you. Seriously. What are you doing with your life? The vintage Glenlivet bottle pops up at the 26 minute mark. After that there are only 3 hours and 7 minutes to go until the movie is over. Sorry about the subtitles. #Glenlivet #Scotch #RobertDeniro #BobbyCannavale #TheIrishman #Irishman #JoePesci #AlPacino #Whisky #Whiskey

Glenlivet 18 Spotted in How It Ends

Here's the all-too-brief Glenlivet 18 sighting from the 2018 Netflix movie "How it Ends". The scene features Theo James and Forest Whitaker's awkward attempt at male bonding. Viewers with a keen eye will spot the Glenlivet at around the 5 minute mark in the film. #HowItEnds #ForestWhitaker #TheoJames #KatGraham #Netflix #Glenlivet #Scotch #Whiskey #Whisky

Here's 75 Vintage Christmas Whisky Ads

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Some of these you might have seen here before, but we've thrown in a few dozen new (old) ones as well. Feel free to send along any others you've stumbled across. #Christmas #Whiskey #Scotch #Ads #Ballentines #JohnnieWalker #Glenlivet #Glenfiddich #Whisky #Haig #Glenfiddich