Mad Men Mania 1: The Balvenie

There have been several different brands of scotch throughout the 6 seasons of AMC's Mad Men. We've seen Glenlivet, Johnny Walker, Chivas, and even Cutty Sark, but this is the first official appearance of Balvenie. The insanely delicious Speyside single malt known as The Balvenie is a personal favorite of mine (I'm actually enjoying a dram of the Double Wood as I type) so the fact that I overlooked this sighting is unforgivable. Especially since it appeared in the first 5 m

Glenkinchie in Space Force!!!

Well we certainly didn't see this one coming. After over 9 years and more that 500 scotch sightings, there has finally been a Glenkinchie bottle on screen! This brief appearance takes place 31 minutes into the premiere episode of the new Netflix series Space Force starring Steve Carell. There is also a Balvenie bottle next to the Glenkinchie. One might assume that is what Carell and Malkovich are drinking at the end of the episode, but stay tuned for our next post and all wil

Balvenie Spotted in Ozark!

Finally! It has taken three seasons but we now have not one, but two scotch sightings from the sublimely phenomenal hit Netflix series Ozark. The first take place around the 18 minute mark in season 3 episode 8 entitled "BFF". The second clip (which features a bottle of Balvenie) takes place 15 minutes into the season finale. -------Mild Spoiler Alert------- #Balvenie #Netflix #Ozark #JasonBateman #Scotch #Whiskey #Whisky