Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Another Fake Glenlivet for a "Modern Family"

It has taken over 6 months but we've finally found more scotch sightings from ABC's Modern Family.  Check out the clip above from season 6 episode 4.  This is another shot of what might be the same bottle of GlenKnobbs...or GlenKnolls.  This is actually the THIRD appearance of this fake scotch and the name on the bottle is still indecipherable.

A Fake Glenlivet for a Modern Family

Fake Glenlivet in The People V. O.J. Simpson


  1. It appears in 'Scandal', Season 6, episode 13... at 25 mins in. I knew I recognised the label, but not the name - it appears as Glen Knolls. It may appear in other episodes (the President loves his Scotch), but this is the first time I've noticed.

  2. It’s in an episode of your the worst season 3