Wednesday, 28 December 2016

"Nicolas Cage" Stars in 3 Japanese Whiskey Commercials

Not sure how these flew under our radar.  Back in 2014 Funny or Die released these bizarre commercials for a fake Japanese whiskey starring a fake Nick Cage.  The idea of a super famous celeb shilling for a product in a foreign market isn't really out of the ordinary.  There have been quite a few big name actors who have starred in some rather obscure commercials for scotch, rye, bourbon, etc.

Check out these examples and watch the Nicolas cage clips below.
Keanu Reeves Suntory Commercial
Sharon Stone's William Lawson Scotch Ad
Every Sean Connery Suntory Commercial
Leonardo Dicaprio's Jim Beam Commercial

Here's two more Nicolas Cage scotch sightings.
Jura Spotted in National Treasure II Starring Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage Drinking Glenlivet in The Family Man

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