Monday, 15 February 2016

Rob Lowe Chugging Balmoor in "The Grinder"

Let me begin by saying this show is hilarious.  Rob Lowe plays my favorite type of comedic character; an arrogant dude with absolutely zero self-awareness who occasionally ends up being right and is somehow endearing.   I guarantee if you watch 5 minutes of The Grinder you will be laughing your ass off.  Lowe plays a fake TV lawyer who also works as a real lawyer at his brother's law firm.  The brother is played to perfection by Fred Savage.

Speaking of things that are fake, Balmoor is a fake-ass scotch as well.  It has popped up a few times throughout the years.  Here's a scene featuring Jerry O'Connell and Jim Belushi drinking Balmoor in an episode of the promptly cancelled The Defenders.

And here's Timothy Hutton serving a shot of Balmoor to a lady played by either Leslie Bibb or Molly Sims (or Emma Caulfield).  I honestly can't tell the difference.

Our next post will be a Balmoor sighting as well.  After that I promise we'll get back to the real stuff.



  1. Also appears in S03E22 of Revenge

  2. The girl in the clip with Timothy Hutton is neither Leslie Bibb or Molly Sims, it's Emma Caulfield.

  3. Thanks. Just fixed it. Good eye!!