Monday, 31 August 2015

Every Johnnie Walker Blue Label Sighting in "True Detective" Season 2

Here's a 7 minute supercut of every Johnnie Walker Blue Label appearance from season 2 of the HBO series True Detective. The video was originally 15 minutes long but once I cut out the long shots of people staring at each other and not talking, it became 5 minutes shorter.  Then I managed to shave off another 3 minutes by removing most of the overhead shots of bridges, freeways, and off-ramps.  After that all I was basically left with was people arguing while drinking Johnnie Blue.

A Brief Macallan Sighting from HBO's True Detective

Johnny Walker Black Label Spotted in True Detective

Let's hope season 3 has many many more scenes of people mumbling and whispering or having no emotional reaction to something horrific happening right in front of them.  Maybe they could cut the dialogue down to 6 or 7 lines per episode and have a lot more sub-plots involving paperwork and real estate contracts.  Fingers crossed.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Samuel L. Jackson Sips 1962 Dalmore in "Kingsman: The Secret Service"

I never thought I'd see Luke Skywalker and Mace Windu in the same scene, yet here it is.  It's great to see a movie starring both Mark Hamill and Samuel L. Jackson, but I'm even more excited about the $137,000 1962 Dalmore which shows up at around the 6:30 mark.  Check out the clip above.  This is also the first Dalmore sighting in four years.  The last one was from the movie Malice.

Normally I would add a link to Master of Malt so you could purchase your own bottle.  Somehow I think that would be pointless in this particular case so here's the link to buy some more reasonably priced Dalmore expressions: