Sunday, 21 June 2015

Megan Draper Drinking J&B in "Mad Men"

Here's a short scene from season 7 episode 9 of AMC's Mad Men which features Don's ex-wife Megan (Jessica Pare) sipping some J&B.  We've had appearances by Chivas, Cutty Sark, Balvenie, Johnnie Walker, and Glenlivet in previous episodes.  Could this be the last scotch sighting form this series ever? Stay tuned.  And click here to check out the previous Mad Men posts. 


  1. Hi, You'd need to make a new J&B Only blog for J&B sightings. The Entire Italian cinema from 60's / 70's drinks J&B no matter if it's a drama, comedie or a horror/giallo movie. It's visible in almost every film.

  2. if you ever seen THE THING by Carpenter where Russel sips a J&B , that sequence is an ode to Italian horror films where J&B was omnipresent...