Friday, 15 May 2015

LAGAVULIN WEEK: Here's Every Glorious Lagavulin Sighting From "Parks & Recreation"

This wasn't easy.  There have been many Lagavulin mentions and appearances throughout the 7 season of the brilliant NBC comedy Parks and Recreation.  I believe what you are about to watch is the final tally of all of the sightings of this peaty bad boy.  There have been rumors of another sighting from season 3 but I've yet to find it.  If anyone out there is aware of this elusive scene please let me know and it'll be added immediately.  Here we go.

 Season 3 Episode 6

Season 2 Episode 15

Season 4 Episode 19

Season 4 Episode 22

And last but not least, here is the greatest scotch sighting in history...

 Season 6 Episode 1

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