Thursday, 7 May 2015

JAMESON WEEK Day 5: Two Vintage Jameson Sightings from "Boardwalk Empire"

This was not an easy bottle to identify.  Thank goodness for my 52" 1080p television and digital cable signal.  After watching this scene from season 4 episode 7 several times, I was barely able to read "John Jame---" at the top of the label on the bottle in Eli's (Shea Whigham) hand.  I tracked down a photo of the vintage "John Jameson & Sons" bottle and posted it below along with some alternate artwork. 

I'd just like to mention that this was a great scene from a great episode.  I love the fact that an actor as talented as Whigham is starting to pop up in great movies like American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street.  His performances throughout the last four seasons of Boardwalk Empire have been superb. But we can all agree that his most badass role was the police officer in this amazing Run the Jewels video.

Here's a quick clip from the final episode of season 4.  This one features Al Capone who happens to be one of the best characters on television and is played to perfection by British actor Stephen Graham.  I'd love to see Capone get his own spinoff series now that Boardwalk Empire is finished

This is the 4th post from this series and the 2nd appearance of this vintage Jameson bottle.  Scroll down to see a pic of the actual bottle.

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