Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Clyburn in The Place Beyond the Pines

Now here's somehing I didn't see coming.  A freakin' Clyburn sighting.  This has got to be the quickest glimpse of a product that has ever been featured on this site.  The fake scotch known as Clyburn shows up at about 1:58:00 into the brilliant 2012 movie The Place Beyond the Pines, and once again I had to freeze-frame a few times in order to catch it.

I highly recommend this movie and if you don't know anything about it then keep it that way.  Just watch it from the beginning without even seeing a trailer.  I knew very little about the plot or even who starred in it and I'm better off for having gone in blind.

Check out the video and some alternate artwork and click here & here for the previous Clyburn sightings.

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