Thursday, 27 June 2013

Two Sketchy Scotchy Sightings From Breakout Kings

Both of these scenes took place fairly close together in episode 10 from the first season of the A&E series Breakout Kings.  The first scotch appearance is about 25 minutes in and the second is from around the 28 minute mark.  Neither is an actual brand of Scotch of course.  That would make my job too easy.  I swear to god the first bottle simply has the word SCOTCH written in big red letters.  The prop guys on these shows seem to be getting lazier and lazier.  Could be worse.  They could've used another Glencallan.

The second bottle is a little more interesting.  It's a black bottle with a black label.  I did a freeze-frame and a zoom and found something I've never seen before.  Even in the hundreds of clips I've uploaded to this site.  I was having difficulty reading the name on the bottle when I noticed that the "12" year age statement was reversed.  After re-watching the scene several times I realized that the zipper on the sleeve of the interrogator's jacket kept switching from left to right.  For some reason, whoever edited this scene decided to flip the frame horizontally when showing the close-up of the scotch bottle.  I assumed the reason for this was to obscure the brand name for legal reasons, but when I flipped it back, I noticed that the label simply read "Scotch".  Another bogus brand.  This time in black as opposed to the white label from the previous scene.  Strange I tells ya...strange indeed.  Check out the video as well as some screenshots below.

Thanks (yet again) to my buddy Cato Auestad for sending me this sighting.  This guy has the sharpest eye around when it comes to...whatever this is.

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fake Talisker Shows Up in the Premiere of Shetland

Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way, this is actually a very captivating and suspenseful series thus far.  A phoney scotch called "Kinnieson" shows up about 9 minutes into the series premiere.  Never saw this mystery malt in any previous sightings so perhaps it was created specificly for the Shetland.  Kudos to the props department.  At a glance it looks remarkably like a Talisker bottle. Check out the video and some pics below.

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Maeby Orders Macallan 12 in Arrested Development

Well that only took nine years.  I can finally say that I have seen every episode of Arrested Development and there IS a scotch sighting.  Well, to be honest it's more of a mention than a sighting, but I'll take it.  If you have recently finished watching the final season then you are probably left dumbfounded and wanting more.  I'm seriously considering starting over again tomorrow because I have so many questions.  Questions like "What happened to Lucille 2?",  "What was Barry Zuckerkorn on trial for which involved a highschool?", and most importantly "Her?"

In this scene from the Maeby episode (aka Senoritis*) we see Maeby order a Macallan 12 at around the 13 minute mark.  I would've thought GOB or Lucille 1 would be the Single Malt fan in the family.

Check out the clip and some cool artwork below.

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*Yes.  That's how it's spelled.