Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Third "How I Met Your Mother" Glen McKenna Scene

Looks like another great show is coming to an end.  That's right, the final season of How I Met Your Mother is upon us.  Thank goodness they saw fit to give us one last sighting of the mysterious Highland single malt known as Glen McKenna.  I personally don't know what I would've done without one last peek at those delicious highland clumps.  For a little history on this sublime whisky, one need look no further than the two previous sightings which can be found here and here.  Strangely enough, the first Glen McKenna sighting is actually the most popular post in the 2.5 year history of this site.  Not too shabby for a scotch which doesn't even exist.  The popularity of the Glen McKenna clips on this site are a testament to the connection How I Met Your Mother has to its die hard fan base.  It is a show filled with more inside jokes, quotable lines, and drinking game caliber tropes & trivia than any other sitcom in the history of television.

The third and final Glen Mckenna appearance takes place about 10 minutes into episode 3 from this season.  The episode is entitled "Last Time in New York".  Check out the video and some screenshots below.  I've heard rumblings on the interwebosphere that there are more sightings from How I Met Your Mother but have come up with nothing thus far.  Any tips will be greatly appreciated.


  1. I'm sure I am behind the times, but another sighting on this week's episode: "Daisy".

    When they visit the Captain at this house Billy Zapka is standing next to a 15 year Glen Mckenna!

    It was a great run!

    1. Amazing!! Thanks so much for letting me know. I was going to post a few different sightings but yours will be next.

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