Monday, 16 September 2013

The Third (and Final?) True Blood Scotch Sighting

Here's the last of three scotch sightings from the HBO series that has become everyone's guilty pleasure, True Blood.  This clip features not only my two favorite characters (Sam & Lafayette), but it also features Johnnie Walker Black Label which happens to be my favorite blend.  The scene takes place about 14 minutes into the 3rd episode from this season entitled "You're no good".

This sighting was brought to my attention via a text from my good friend Mike.  I'd ask you all to follow him on Twitter but he's far too cool to bother setting up an account apparently.

Check out the scene and some screenshots below.  Click here and here for the previous True Blood sightings.

UPDATE:  Looks like True Blood recently got picked up for a 7th season.  Perhaps there might me more sightings in our future after all...

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