Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Balvenie Appears in HBO's True Blood

The eighth episode from this season of True Blood was a whisgeek's dream come true.  Not only was there a great scene featuring The Balvenie Doublewood, but within a 3 minute span there were also sightings of Southern Comfort and Bulleit Bourbon.  True Blood will soon be coming to an end but not to worry, I have one last sighting coming up after this one.

Shout out to my pal Whisky Goggles (Yes, that's his Twitter handle and you can follow him here) for sending me this clip.  Good eye!

Check out the video as well as some screenshots and a Balvenie review from Ralfy below.  Click here for the previous True Blood Sighting.

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  1. That would be Bulleit Rye. Bourbon is the orange label.