Saturday, 6 July 2013

Another Breakout Kings Scotch Sighting

Unbelievable.  I was just complaining about the overuse of the fake whisky known as Glencallan in the previous Breakout Kings post.  The Glencallan didn't actually appear in that episode but it's almost as though the producers heard me bitching about phoney scotch, in particular my hatred of Glencalln, and decided to throw it in just to piss me off.  This is actually how my neurotic/narcissistic (neurossistic?) brain works.  Seriously though, would it kill these shows to throw in a Bowmore, or a Dalmore, or a Cragganmore once in a while?  Even one of the less popular fakes like Balmoor or Clyburn would be nice for a change.

This clip* takes place at the 9:30 mark in Season 2, episode 2.  Check out the video and a few screenshots below.  Thanks again to Cato for the tip! Click here to like Scotch Cinema on Facebook.

*The label is extremely difficult to read so you'll just have to trust me.  On a 52" 1080p resolution it was clearly visible.

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