Sunday, 31 March 2013

McCleary's Blended Scotch in Pulp Fiction

I'm not kidding when I tell you that I've watched Pulp Fiction dozens of times.  I'm actually watching it as I type right now.  The gold watch scene to be specific.  Having said that, out of all the times I've seen this movie I'd never noticed the scotch sighting.  The bottle of McCleary's blended scotch flashes on the screen in full frame but is briefly obscured by Vincent Vega's (John Travolta) hand.  The label only has a fraction of a second of screen time, but thanks to the magic of Blu-ray technology the writing on the bottle is now crystal clear.  The scene takes place about 33 minutes into the film.

McCleary's isn't a real brand, of course.  Tarantino is known for creating lots of phoney products which appear in his films.  Everything from cereal, to burgers, and even cigarettes are conjured up by the brilliant mind of QT.  A Google search for McCleary's turned up only one result which was this brief mention on the Miramax website.  Check out the video along with screenshots and some amazing alternate promotional artwork below.

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  1. McCleary's is also the bar scotch brand in the dive bars of "Barfly" and what Wanda (Faye Dunaway) buys on Wulbur's tab after she meets Mickey Rourke