Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ben Affleck Drinking Macallan in "Argo"

I'm just going to come out and say it.  Argo will win best picture this year.  I've only seen 6 of the 9 nominated films so far but I have a funny feeling that Argo will win despite the Ben Affleck best director snub.  The film was brilliant.  Not quite as good as Django Unchained, but great none the less.

It is always great to see a Macallan sighting in a movie and fortunately this delicious Speyside (Highland?) single malt has been popping up more and more as of late.  This clip takes place at the 1:19 mark in the film when Tony Mendez (Affleck) snatches a bottle from the Canadian ambassador's house.  He has a big decision to make and needs some liquid courage to help him do the right thing.  Always works for me.

I've added some alternate artwork below.  Including the original fake CIA production poster used during the mission.
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  1. Did you ever notice the Glenlivet earlier in the movie? When the 2 movie guys and Ben Affleck toast and say "ArgoF*ckyourself"? :)

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