Thursday, 27 September 2012

Worst Movie Death Ever! (Featuring Black Label)

    Oh my goodness!  This scene is so hilariously awful that I had to post it.  The terrible terrible sighting comes to us courtesy of comedian Patton Oswalt ( Yes, that Patton Oswalt) and is definitely worthy of multiple viewings.  The clip is from the 1973 Turkish film Karateci Kiz (aka Karate Girl) and if you can briefly avert your eyes from the awesome action, you might notice the Black Label bottle on the dresser which inexplicably gets covered up at around the 0:25 second mark.  The dude in the sweater violently knocks the bottle off the dresser and the label once again becomes visible.  I've probably watched this clip a dozen times so far.  Check it out...

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Monday, 24 September 2012

42 Year Old MacAskill Spotted in "Local Hero"

    This bottle of 42 year old MacAskill pure malt whisky would be one of the oldest featured on this site...if it actually existed of course.  Another big thanks to Whisky Blender for sending this one along.

    I was hesitant to watch Local Hero at first but once I discovered that Mark Knopfler performed the soundtrack I figured it couldn't be all that bad.  Fortunately it turned out to be a fun (though rather dated) comedy which is absolutely worth checking out.

    The MacAskill sighting takes place about 50 minutes into the film.  Check out the clip and some screenshots below.  Look closely and you might notice the massive "42" on the label of the MacAskill bottle.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mysterious Sighting in "Weekend at Bernie's"

    Here's yet another interesting appearance brought to us by Whisky Blender.  I've watched the scene up close several times on Blu-ray but the bottle is pretty much impossible to make out.  It looks quite a bit like The Glenlivet yet the name on the label appears to end with the letters "R T Y".  Any help on this one would be greatly appreciated.

    The scene takes place at about the 55 minute mark into Weekend at Bernie's.  The clip below is a little too lo-fi for my liking but the screenshots are from the Blu-ray which might help a little.  Click here to follow Whisky Blender on Twitter and here to like Scotch Cinema on Facebook.


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Loch Nevin Sighting in "Veronica Mars"

    Yeah yeah yeah i know i know. Loch Nevin isn't a real scotch.  But honestly, who cares?  This mystery malt looks and sounds like a real scotch and any excuse for a scene with Kristen Bell is fine by me.  I get a lot of almost sightings and near misses sent to me so it's probably a good time to start posting them along with the regular scotch sightings.

    Veronica Mars is a detective series starring Bell which ran for three seasons starting back in 2005.  This clip is from episode 4 of season 2.  The Loch Nevin shows up about 36 minutes into the episode.

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

1964 Aberlour in "The War Room"

    With the next presidential election right around the corner and both the RNC & DNC behind us, there's no better time for this sighting to be posted.   I was beginning to think it would never happen but I've finally spotted a bottle of Aberlour in a film.  Not just any old bottle either.  This clip from the 1993 political documentary The War Room features a 1964, 25 year old being enjoyed by James Carville.

    I've never tried this particular Aberlour myself but am more than willing to if anyone wishes to front me the $621.37. That is the price in Canadian currency BEFORE government crowbars in about 35% in hidden taxes.  Don't get me started.  In the meantime I'll stick to my modestly priced A'Bunadh.

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Quick J&B Sighting in "Goodfellas"

    Let me just say upfront that the clip below barely counts as a scotch sighting.  The primary reason I'm including it is because it's FREAKIN' GOODFELLAS so I'll take what I can get.

    This is one of those near-perfect movies which you an watch over and over again and always find something new.  I've personally seen it at least a dozen times and had never noticed the J&B bottle until now,

    Coincidentally, the previous J&B sighting was also from a Robert De Niro film. Click here to watch the scene.