Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Kurt Russell Drinking J&B in "The Thing"

    Time for another J&B sighting.  There have been precious few on the site thus far so It's about time I posted this one.  Seems especially appropriate since I'm enjoying a glass of J&B as I type this.

    The sighting actually takes place during the opening scene of the film as R.J. MacReady (Kurt Russell) plays some computer chess.  Keep in mind that this scene is from the original 1982 John Carpenter version and not the 2011 remake.

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Scotch Cinema Commercial Break...

Here's two of Sammy Davis Jr.'s Suntory commercials from the early 1970s.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Angelina Jolie Drinks Red Label in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"

    There are actually two scotch sightings in this film but since only one brand (JW Red Label) is referenced I decided not to include both in the title.  We see Brad Pitt ordering/drinking scotch during an earlier scene so I included it at the end of the video below.

    The Red Label shows up about 51 minutes into the film.  I could go on but, let's face it, all you really care about is the fact that Angelina Jolie is in the clip so let's just get on with it.
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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mackmyra & Cragganmore in "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"

    Here's a post which I know many of you have been waiting for.  Myself included.  It's about time the amazing Swedish single malt whisky known as Mackmyra has been represented on the big screen.  And what better film to feature the Mackmyra than The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?

    At first I thought I was looking at a bottle of Bruichladdich as the shape is very similar.  It wasn't until a few days after the original screening that several people including Lars Lindberger from Mackmyra distillery corrected me.

    The sighting takes place at the 1:56 mark in the film.  There is also a Cragganmore sighting at 1:13 which I have included in the same video below.  Click here for the previous Cragganmore sighting.

P.S.  I had to do a little bit of tricky editing to avoid any spoilers.

50 Cent Drinking Balvenie in "Set Up"

    Here's a movie you've probably never seen and thanks to me, you won't have to.  Set Up is actually not that bad considering it is a straight-to-video release.  It would make a decent TV movie of the week or would be tolerable as an episode of a cop drama.

    Fiddy Cent is the actual star of the film though the Blu-ray cover and posters lead one to believe the protagonist is Bruce Willis.  Bruce also does not appear in the Balvenie clip below. The sighting takes place at the 1:03 mark in the film.

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Special thanks to Ronald Lindsay Smith for sending this sighting to our Facebook page.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Chevy Chase's Signature Caddyshack Blend

    Now here's something I've never seen before.  Blending two blends together to make...a blend?  In this scene from the 1980 comedy Caddyshack Ty Webb (Chevy Chase) offers to make a drink for a group of belligerent men as a way of calming them down.  Watch closely as he proceeds to pour some J&B and what appears to be Cutty Sark into the same glass.  Great Movie.  Funny scene.

    The clip takes place at the 1:11 mark in the film.  Check it out below, and click here for the previous J&B sighting.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Laphroaig Sighting in "Water For Elephants"

    It has been roughly five months since the last Laphroaig sighting.  I've been waiting for the film to be available on DVD and it finally has.

    The Laphroaig shows up in two scenes which serve as the film's prologue/epilogue bookends.  The second scene is a bit of a spoiler but I've placed a warning in the clip so you can stop watching at that point if you choose.

    The placement of the bottle in each scene makes it difficult to spot but a close freeze frame examination leaves no doubt.

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Friday, 10 February 2012

George Clooney Gives a Tour of His Home

    Here's video from a recent segment of CBS' Person to Person in which George Clooney gives a casual tour of his home.  It was nice to see that he keeps a well-stocked bar which includes a personalized bottle of Maker's Mark with Clooney's likeness etched on the front.

    In addition to the Maker's Mark bourbon I noticed a bottle of Talisker, Lagavulin, Black Label, and Glenlivet.  Did I miss any other single or blended malts?  Let me know.

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Both Bar Scenes From "The Shining"

    Ok.  So I absolutely realize that Jack Daniel's is a Tennessee whiskey and not a scotch but these scenes are so great that I had to give them a pass.  In an effort to branch out you can expect to see the odd non-scotch whisky sighting from now on.  These sightings will be few and far between but I can no longer ignore the many requests and suggestions from devotees.  Besides, in all fairness, the bartender IS pouring some Johnnie Walker Black Label at the 23 second mark in the second scene.  Hopefully this will help the purists come to terms with the changes.  I'm also currently working on a Pappy Van Winkle bourbon sighting from a recent Ryan Gosling film.  Care to guess which one?

    On a side note.  Any film enthusiast/conspiracy theorist might enjoy this extremely interesting video analysis of The Shining.  Die hard Kubrick fans (like me) will drool over something like this.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Lagavulin Spotted in "Friday the 13th"

    Bet ya didn't see this one coming!  First, let me clarify.  This is from the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th and not the 1980 original.  I actually saw this in the theatre on opening night and found it surprisingly enjoyable.  the gratuitous nudity and violence helped...a lot.

    The actual scene in which the Lagavulin appears is very dark.  I tried adjusting the brightness as much as possible during editing without the scene looking too distorted but it is what it is.

FUN FACT: The star of the film is Jared Padalecki who has appeared in FOUR other posts on this site.  Gotta love Supernatural.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Meryl Streep Drinks The Famous Grouse in "The Iron Lady"

    Many thanks to my friend Jim at The Malted Muse for sending this over.  The article below is an interesting story about the several appearances of the Famous Grouse in The Iron Lady.  We'll have to wait for it to hit the shelves so we can watch the sightings here but in the meantime check out the post from The Famous Grouse official blog.

    Don't forget to listen to the always entertaining and informative Malted Muse podcast and click here to follow the Malted Muse on twitter.

Stay tuned for another Lagavulin sighting coming up next!

The Famous Grouse hits the big screen

Meryl Streep collecting the 'best actress' golden globe for The Iron Lady
Love her or loathe her, Margaret Thatcher is undisputedly one of the most famous British Prime Ministers of recent times, and a new filmThe Iron Lady has been airing here in the UK where she is played by the Oscar-tipped Meryl Streep.
Many of our eagle-eyed Famous Fans have spotted that Maggie appears to enjoy the odd dram of The Famous Grouse throughout the film, and we have to admit to having had a bit of a tip off on that score….
Last year, we were approached by the makers of film who set us a bit of a challenge. They wanted us to send them bottles of The Famous Grouse use on set.
A simple enough request you might think? However, the film is set at different times through her life, and of course our bottle has changed several times since the 1970s, and they needed bottles that would match each of the different eras being covered in the film.
This prompted a search through our archives to find the designs and artwork from the past (it’s amazing what you find when you delve in the cupboards here at The Famous Grouse!) and then our packaging teams set to work on bringing some of these old designs back to life.
Our bottles have changed many times over the years...
It not only involved recreating the labels but also ensuring we used the correct bottle shapes and closures for the bottle. Attention to detail is everything and we knew we had to get it right for such a high profile film.
So, whatever your thoughts on Thatcher and the accuracy of the plot, we hope you agree it was great to see Scotland’s Favourite Whisky up there on the big screen!