Monday, 29 October 2012

The Very First "Gossip Girl" Scotch Sighting

It has taken six seasons but I finally have a scotch sighting from Gossip Girl.  I've never actually watched a single episode of the show.  To be honest, it has always been known as that show I hear from the other room when my girlfriend is watching TV.

Apparently there have been many sightings throughout the series but no specific brands were visible until now.  Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) consumes copious amounts of single malt scotch in several episodes but, strangely enough, it was none other than Dan Humphrey (Pen Badgley) sipping Black Label at the bar in this scene.  The sighting takes place 39 minutes into episode three from this season entitled "Dirty Rotten Scandals".

Thanks Lorraine (aka @CupcakeCuzin) for the tip! 


  1. I realize this is several months past. However, in Season 6, Episode 8 at 1 minute and 54 seconds into the show you can see Chuck Bass drinking from a bottle labeled "Single Malt, Fife Ness, 18." Although I'm unsure if it's a real scotch, as I can't find it online.

  2. Chuck Bass drinks "Single Malt, Fife Ness, 18" as stated above, but it is not a real scotch whisky.

  3. Thanks! I just posted the scene.

  4. Chuck Bass is also seen drinking from a bottle of scotch in S02E01 at 40:55. It's hard to read the label, but it says something like "the Samsonhead, 18" which is probably a made up brand.