Thursday, 22 March 2012

Our First Grant's Sighting From the Movie "Four Brothers"

    Well its about bloody time we've had ourselves an appearance of the ubiquitous blend known as Grant's.  I've had a unopened bottle sitting in my barmoire* for three months and as I walked by it yesterday I was reminded about the sighting in this film.

    About 23 minutes into the 2005 John Singelton move known as Four Brothers, Mark Wahlberg makes a toast to his late mother and proceeds to down a glass of Grant's with Tyrese Gibson and Andre Benjamin (the 3rd greatest rapper in history) at a local bar.  The bottle might look a little odd but click here to see a vintage which is a dead ringer.

*Did I mention that I've converted an old armoire into a functioning bar complete with hanging wine glass racks and various acoutrement.

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