Thursday, 9 February 2012

Both Bar Scenes From "The Shining"

    Ok.  So I absolutely realize that Jack Daniel's is a Tennessee whiskey and not a scotch but these scenes are so great that I had to give them a pass.  In an effort to branch out you can expect to see the odd non-scotch whisky sighting from now on.  These sightings will be few and far between but I can no longer ignore the many requests and suggestions from devotees.  Besides, in all fairness, the bartender IS pouring some Johnnie Walker Black Label at the 23 second mark in the second scene.  Hopefully this will help the purists come to terms with the changes.  I'm also currently working on a Pappy Van Winkle bourbon sighting from a recent Ryan Gosling film.  Care to guess which one?

    On a side note.  Any film enthusiast/conspiracy theorist might enjoy this extremely interesting video analysis of The Shining.  Die hard Kubrick fans (like me) will drool over something like this.

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