Thursday, 1 December 2011

Every Suntory Scene From "Lost In Translation"

     Let us begin by apologizing for "taking so f--king long" to post the Suntory scenes from Lost in Translation.  After all, a film like this is perfect for Scotch Cinema.  The whisky is prominently featured in several scenes and it is actually the primary reason why Bill Murray's character embarked on his journey in the first place.  It is a movie about a cinema legend who is selling whisky on celluloid.  What more could we ask for?

     There are a few reasons why it is only being posted now.  The first is because Suntory isn't even scotch.  Let's not forget that important detail.  Before now Japanese whiskies have only been featured here in goofy retro commercials like these as opposed to films and TV shows with the exception of the mystery malt in Training Day.  Another reason is because there were many other scenes to get to first.  But the most important reason is because it is such a great clip that after a while it seemed more appropriate to save it for a special occasion.  Since this is our official 100th post here at SC there is no better time than now to present it.

     On a side note, the first scene in the video below is actually the inspiration for the films title because a lot of the direction being given to Bob Harris (Murray) is literally getting lost in translation*.  Can't say enough about Murray's performance here.  He clearly showed range that we've never seen from him in the past and it paid off with an Oscar nod.  Damn you Sean Penn!

*Thanks to Allison (aka The Whisky Woman) for breaking down the actual Japanese/English translation for us over at her site.   Check it out here and click here to follow her on Twitter.


  1. Hey! Thanks so much for the reference!!! This is the greatest movie! Yay Japanese whisky! :D

  2. Anytime! Glad you enjoyed the trip to LA. Feel free to share some advice on good whisky joints to hit in NYC....