Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hennigan's Scotch Scenes From "Seinfeld"

The clips you're about to watch took quite a while to find but the end result was definitely worth the effort.  The phoney Scotch known simply as "Hennigan's" has been referenced in four different scenes from three episodes of "Seinfeld".  Hennigans Scotch was actually a bit of a running gag throughout season three.

We've been told that Hennigan's has been mentioned at least one other time throughout the series but have yet to locate the specific scene.

All of the appearances and mentions of Hennigan's have been compiled into one video for you viewing pleasure.  The episode titles are listed also.  Check out the clip and some funny Hennigan's pictures below.

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  1. I just saw the episode where Frank Costansa is telling Kramer his Army cooking story. Frank appears to take a shot from a bottle that begins with Hen.