Tuesday, 30 August 2011

You're "Bound" to Enjoy This Glenlivet Sighting

Get it?  Nevermind.

The Wachowski Brother's directorial debut is quite different from the "Matrix" trilogy but there are several of their signature stylistic elements throughout.

The Glenlivet shows up twice in "Bound" and is actually a relatively important plot element.

I've watched this movie several times over the years and hadn't even noticed the Glenlivet.  Probably because I was distracted by all the hot Tilly-on-Gershon action.

Hope you enjoy our second video for Glenlivet week.  Click here to check out all of our previous Glenlivet sightings.  More to come each day. Watch the video below.

"Bound" is now available on DVD:

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