Friday, 13 May 2011

Talisker & Chivas in "Charlie Wilson's War"

Get ready for FOUR awesome sightings in this 2007 film directed by Mike Nichols.  "Charlie Wilson's War" is one of those movies you can watch many times and always pick up on something you missed in previous viewings.  The screenplay was adapted by Aaron Sorkin so there's tons of sharp, witty dialogue.

A great example of that banter is in the first scene below which takes place at the 45:20 point in the film.  Agent Gust Avrakotos (Philip Seymore Hoffman) presents Charlie Wilson (Tom Hanks) with a bottle of Talisker and quotes the Robert Lewis Stevenson poem in which it is mentioned.  Nice to see that this particular scotch is integral to the actual scene in which it appears as opposed to merely being used as a peripheral prop.  Did I mention that Talisker is awesome?

Here's the clip.

The next three scenes are all Chivas sightings.  Safe to say Charlie Wilson was a fan of this blend.  If you only watch one of these next three clips make sure it is the second one.  And yes, that is Emily Blunt.

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