Monday, 9 May 2011

Johnnie Walker Blue Label in "Wall Street II"

Had a chance to test drive this pricey blend myself recently at Whisky Live in Toronoto and loved it.  That being said.  This ain't a site for reviews and tasting notes, so here we go...

At the the 52:35 mark in Wall Street II Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) invites Jake Moore (Shia LaBeouf) into his Manhattan apartment and explains the 16th century Dutch "tulip bubble".  During their conversation he pours, noses, and sips on a glass of Johnnie Blue.

In a second scene (at 1:04:34) Jake gives a bottle of Blue Label to a foreign investor as a gift during a business meeting.  The box is barely visible, yet it is unmistakable.

Later in the film (spoiler alert) Jake returns to the apartment looking for Gekko only to find that he has abruptly moved out leaving only the Tulip chart and the Bottle of Blue

We've compiled all three scenes together in the short clip below.

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