Monday, 9 May 2011

J&B in "Once Upon a Time in America"

It is said that a bottle of J&B is opened every half second.  Walk into just about any watering hole in the world and there will likely be a bottle of good old Justerini & Brooks behind the bar.  Needless to say this classic blend has popped up in countless films.  In fact, I could probably crank out an entire website dedicated to J&B appearances alone,  but until my girlfriend starts petitioning for a "Breakfast At Tifffany's" nod, I'll stick with the gangster movies.  This one in particular.

"Once Upon a Time in America" is a 3.5 hour long epic and is absolutely packed with action and drama.  At the 28:00 mark Robert Deniro's character "Noodles" returns to New York after hiding out in Buffalo for decades.  He walks into his old friend's bar and they sit down over a bottle of J&B to catch up.

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