Thursday, 26 May 2011

Glenmorangie & Vat 69 Spotted in "Hotel Rwanda"

I feel kinda guilty about reducing such a powerful and emotional film down to something as frivolous as whisky but if there is any...wait...what was I talking about?  Oh right..whisky!

Speaking of whisky, there are three sightings in this film.

The first two are ot Glenmorangie and the third is Vat 69.  The Vat 69 bottle actually appears briefly in the first Glenmorangie clip if you look closely.

The two Glenmorangie sightings have been compiled into one clip to save you some clicking.

Check it out.

These Glenmorangie clips are taken from the 7:02 & 47:35 minute marks in the film when Paul (Don Cheadle) Meets with Gen. Oliver (Nick Nolte).

The Vat 69 appearance is from the 1:04:29 mark when Paul has a meeting with Gen. Bizimungu (Fana Mokoena).

Hotel Rwanda now available on Blu Ray: Hotel Rwanda [Blu-ray]

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