Monday, 25 April 2011

Laphroaig Sighting in "Chloe"

As soon as I spotted this bottle during a scene in "Chloe" it immediately reminded me of the time I went to a birthday celebration at a restaurant in Ottawa and ordered my first Laphroaig.  After letting it open for a few minutes, people at the table (myself included) began complaining about the smell.  Only after lifting the glass to take a sip did I realize that that the smell was coming from this pungent peaty bastard.  Make no mistake, Laphroaig is not for amateurs.
     At exactly the 27:00 mark in "Chloe"  David Stewart (Liam Neeson) and his wife Catherine (Julianne Moore) are having a rather heated discussion about Catherine's suspicion that David has been less than faithful.  David gets up from his chair and reaches for the bottle ofLaphroaig which Catherine recently purchased for him as a birthday gift.







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